A. No, you can't. The work you submit must not have won any other contests before, and it must be an original creation without any separate contracts.

A. Once you've submitted your work, you can't make any changes to it. However, you can still edit your personal information. If you need to modify your work, you'll have to submit it again. Remember that the most recent submission before the deadline will be considered for judging.

A. The submission period ends at 6pm 01/31/2024. However, on the day of the application deadline, it may be difficult to submit the work without difficulties. If you are prepared to submit, we encourage you to do so ahead of time.

A. The judging process involves a 50% vote from Com2uS Group and a 50% vote from Bung O Pang NFT holders. The criteria for judging include the business potential, creativity, and how well the Bung O Pang IP universe is implemented.

A. You can submit your work through a separate submission website during the submission period.

A. The winners will be announced at 03/13/2024. You can find the results on the contest website, and we'll also notify the winners individually.

A. You can contact us through email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
- Email Inquiries : x-planet@xpla.net



1. Multiple entries are permitted, but only the highest award will be granted in the event of multiple wins.

2. The organizing institutions reserve the right to adjust awards based on the quantity and quality of entries, and prize money taxes are the responsibility of the winners.

3. Detailed evaluation criteria and procedures are not disclosed, and awards may be adapted according to entry quantity and quality. Any other unspecified matters will be determined by the organizers. The contest schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.

4. Entries and submitted documents will not be returned, and the organizers are not liable for any disadvantages arising from incorrect personal information.

5. Some categories may have no winners based on evaluation results, and the number of winners in each category may be adjusted accordingly. Works generated or edited using AI are ineligible, and if this is discovered later, the award may be revoked.

6. The prize money for the contest may be paid in installments.

7. If a work has won an award in another contest or is found to be plagiarized or imitated, it will be disqualified from evaluation. In cases of confirmed plagiarism or imitation after winner announcements, awards may be revoked, legal action may be pursued, and works violating current laws may be excluded from evaluation.

8. Winning works may be reproduced and utilized (produced, duplicated, distributed, etc.) as original or derivative works for promotion, campaigns, projects, and events by the organizing/hosting companies.

9. The B.O.P IP image resources distributed on the site are only available for secondary works to participate in the contest, and can be held civilly and criminally liable if used for commercial purposes.

10. The total prize money is the amount including the marketing expenses to be supported for the award-winning work.

11. Those under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate.

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